With MarCorp Renovations, Perfect Is Good Enough.

We specialize in high-end renovations of both Commercial and Residential Properties. We are committed to exceeding your renovation needs, no matter what they may be.

We provide both Commercial and Residential Contruction and Renovation services in the Edmonton Area.

Commercial Renovation Services

MarCorp Renovations Inc. specializes in both commercial renovation and management services. We currently manage several commercial properties throughout the city and focus on Tenant Improvement Construction, Commercial Exterior Renovations, Repairs, Remodels and general maintenance improvements. View More Info...

Residential Renovation Services

MarCorp Renovations Inc. has a lot of expertise and experience in residential renovation. Our most popular services include, Kitchen Remodelling, Bathroom Remodelling, Whole House Remodelling, Installs and General Home Improvement. Our goal is to provide exceptional renovations at a low cost for you. View More Info...


With Marcorp Renovations, Quality Is King.

We bring a wealth of construction knowledge having spent considerable time as developers in the commercial/industrial construction market, custom home development, multi-family structures as well as extensive experience in a wide variety of renovation projects.